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All That Jazz - Drakes Pride releases its brand new bowling line

It’s one of the of the most eagerly anticipated new product releases that bowls has seen for a long time – and, at long last, the brand new “Jazz” bowl range from Drakes Pride is available to buy.

Developed over the past two years, the “Jazz” line is the latest high-performance, high-quality product to roll off the Liverpool-based ... Click here to read more


Pott of GOLD

The story of Potters Leisure Resort, the home of the World Indoor Championships, is a truly fascinating tale. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin…

Once upon a time, around 1913 in fact, there was a poorly-paid solicitor’s clerk who won £500 in a newspaper competition. That was quite a tidy sum in those days but, before the man could spend it, he was ... Click here to read more

Royal flush

Left-hander Mark is amongst the big boys now that he is world No.2 and, as he tells Michael McEwan, he’s loving every minute of it

Mark, this time three years ago, you were 15th on the WBT rankings and trying to stay in the top 16. Now, you’re second ...Click here to read more


Andy’s still handy!

Former world No.1 Andy Thomson is coming off the best year of his long and illustrious bowling career so far, after winning both the Scottish International Open, English Fours, World Indoor Pairs and, most recently, the World Matchplay.

In an exclusive interview with Michael McEwan, the in-form... Click here to read more


Wood you believe it!

Michael McEwan meets Scotland’s all-time greatest bowler, Willie Wood MBE, to chat about a glory-laden career . . .      

Long before the World Wide Web was dreamt up by a London businessman, there was another WWW making an impact on the global stage...Click here to read more



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