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Bowlswear Direct
& Mail Order
15 Beacon Grove, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3BA
Tel 020 8669 4444 Fax 020 8773 3737

1. Ladies Patricia Blouse.
White & Cream
only £17.50
Style 164

  2. Ladies Bowling Skirt
Mid Grey, Cream,
Navy, White
An absolute bargain at only £22.99
Style 102
3. Mens Bowling Trousers
White and Mid Grey
Special price of only £24.99
Style 101
4.Mens Classic Single Breasted Blazer.
Navy Only
only £59.99
Style 132
5. Kent Mini Double Decker.
Navy, Green, Dark Grey
£15.50 P&P £3
Bag 21
6. Durham Maxi Double Decker Wheelie.
Navy, Green, Dark Grey
£29.99 P&P £3.55
Includes 4 Bowl Carrier
Bag 25


In 1991 Ronnie Newman was looking for a new challenge in life and Bowlswear Direct was conceived.

Over the last ten years the business has grown from his garage to 2 shops, twenty club franchises, two club shops and as many as five vans doing club visits throughout the year at any one time.

We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for all your bowls requirements whether its from our shops, our vans or mail order catalogue.

Club visits are a speciality and these can be arranged by calling.

Contact Ronnie, Norman or Alison on
0208 669 4444

Visit our website to view our full range of clothing and equipment.


E-mail: info@bowlsdirect .com
Web: www.bowlsdirect.com


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